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A friend of mine once wrote these words which pick me Up every time I feel Down. I think they might help you too. 🙂









Was just another chance for me to re-evaluate and re-innovate myself.

Many thanks to:

Every person who was nothing but another disappointment, They motivated me to socialize more and meet new people whilst eliminating the assumption that people are by default trust-worthy.

Every organization/enterprise that rejected me, It turned I do not fit in their environment because the mix of skills, experience and capabilities I am acquiring and developing are for a career/job the market has not created  yet, but will need, or I will be creating the need for, in the future.

Every person who pushed me off the edge; They just forced me to develop wings and fly higher and stronger than ever.

Every condition that lead me to fail, It forced me to weigh my approach and discover or invent a new approach to success.

Every instance where I was mistaken; Mistakes directed me to a new, better and improved path in my life.

Every person who caused me pain, or was merely a source of pain in my life; Pain was my dedicated and aggressive master.

Every person and instance who/which made me cry; I only stood stronger and taller after shedding those tears.


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  1. My lovely friend, I am so happy they make you feel better, and wish you a great day and the best, which is the least you deserve 🙂


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