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Ideas that can make a change worth to be taken as rules and laws… not only to be spread!

TEDxDeadSea was the idea that gathered a number of amazing Jordanian ideas and did spread them!

Recently we were fed up with programs and trainings that learn us to do what we want, and make us believe in our own potentials and powers, and encourage us to never lose hope and to be optimistic, positive and happy all the time!

And because I wish to do what I want I’ve always needed something more logical, more practical, more applicable, more real… something that has a long term effect not an instantaneous one!

I have always needed someone who has an experience to tell me about it; not words, not quotes, not laws that I need to be a philosopher to understand them, to be convinced with them before start applying them!


TEDxDeadSea brought me people who live in the same country, have the same culture, study in the same colleges, eat the same food, love the same movies, listen to the same music, spend time doing the same activities… people in my life, I can see them in streets and malls, I can say Hi to them, smile for them and continue walking… people who are easy to be my neighbors, my friends, my teachers… and they have dreams… exactly as I have, they were given a stage, a microphone and 10 minutes to tell me about their experience!

It was an honor to attend TEDxDeadSea and to meet such people, I’m proud of every person stood on that stage and showed us his\her own life moments, dreams, challenges, difficulties, solutions and ideas!

Many thanks to the speakers who did actually inspire me, and to everyone made it possible for TEDxDeadSea to be organized and completed in that way!


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  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    شكلو كل الدنيا راحت


  2. One day, you’ll stand on a stage and inspire! I can see it.

  3. كان يوم رائع !!
    ومن دواعي سروري اني شفتك يومها يا فولنتير انتي :P:P

    • اه والله كان يوم من العمر .. وأنا والله دايما بفرح بشوفتك تغريد .. بحس انه في حدا بقربلي موجود والله .. ما بعرف ليش !! 🙂


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