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First Post … First Snow

I planned to publish my first post in the first day of 2011 … but I think no night will be more interesting than this night … the night of snow 🙂

I didn’t think I love it that much … I’m very happy as it’s Eid … just setting besides the window, watching snow covers everything and keeps falling and falling …

It’s finally white … after all darkness that covered my life recently … in each and every part of it with no hope even for … hope!!

Our winter came dry, gloomy and had no effect except that windy nights which were running away once the sun is there in the sky!!! But now … I really can’t believe my eyes, I have never seen this scene even in my dreams!!!

The wisdom of deprivation and giving … no one can understand it; it’s All by the decision of Allah.

Oh Allah; every time I believe more and more that things happen only when YOU want, and YOU want always in the best time for us … the fact that most of us ignore and don’t care about.

I won’t complain anymore, everything is going to get better…

Now … I’m Sure.

Snow will fall soon inside my soul, and white days are coming… no doubt.

Thank YOU Allah for YOUR unending charity… and I wish we can pray YOU back in the Correct way!!!


p.s. written last night while snow was falling 🙂


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  1. really amazing blog as a start 🙂
    nice design and am sure it will have amazing content as well …
    Best of luck my friend 🙂 and am always here for any help 🙂

  2. hey Yasmeen 😀 iLike ur new blog 😀 its pretty nice word to be told … feel bad to miss the snow in Amman :S but el 7amdellah … things are going well here as well 🙂

  3. Yasemeen wt a very lovely blog 😀 i like the most ! … looking forward to ur next post 🙂 .. god bless you !

  4. Nice blog and first post Yasmin :), may Allah give you, your family and everybody inner peace.

  5. thnx alot Saeed for your time and your awesome wishes 😀
    i wish you the same and mooore 🙂

  6. Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats 4 the new space/home 🙂

    I hope u will enjoy it.

    Nice 1st post indeed!

    “Snow will fall soon inside my soul” >>> happy falling 😀



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